Sunday, June 12, 2011

Club penguin cart surfer glitch

This is one of club penguin's many glitches. While i was playing cart surfer on my BROWN penguin and I did NOT have my black puffle, my penguin was flashing YELLOW and my black puffle kept appearing!
This is one of the club penguin glitches I HATE because it WAS DISTRACTING ME!
If you find this glitch please comment.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Club penguin up coming T-shirt

As you may know, clubpenguin has created a new login screen, and at the music jam party coming this month there is always a new T-shirt, so if you look very close at this picture,

you'll see that his T- shirt has not come out on clubpenguin yet. So this T-shirt might come out during the music jam! Are you going to get it? I know I am!

Herbert Stamp Sneak Peek

Today while I was checking the web, I found a picture of the up coming herbert stamp!

Cool Right?